Merry Products Cage Review

Living in a small apartment may prevent some folks from getting a metal crate for their dog as it can easily take up some much needed space. But what if I tell you that there are options that can double-duty as table surfaces as well?

This Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set is an interesting metal crate option as it is made to look like a regular side table with a metal crate inside. It’s definitely multifunctional, letting tiny house dwellers get the most out of their space.

Unique Design

Let’s admit it, metal crates don’t really go well with a lot of homes’ interior design. This Merry Products crate definitely addresses this issue by adding a few things to the crate to make it more cohesive to your interior design.

With its wood cover, it can be disguised as your run-of-the-mill side table, except it also doubles as a cozy retreat for your pet.

Durable Metal and Wood Construction

Because this product is a crate and a side table in one, it also uses some heavy duty wires and solid wood veneer making it a tough product that is built to last.

The wooden cover not only makes the crate look more interior-appropriate, but it also adds protection to your pet. Also, it saves you from the trouble of having to cover their metal crate if your pets like sleeping in a darkened space.

Removable Plastic Tray

With the comfort of your pet in mind, this product also comes with a solid plastic tray to serve as a flat flooring layer for your pet crate. It’s very easy to clean and won’t crack under the weight of your fur baby.

You will want to add some cushioning, like a pet bed or a mat on top of it, though, to make the space cozier and more inviting for your pooch.

Two-door Design

If you’re the type who likes to provide the easiest access to your pet, a two-door crate will suit your home best.

This crate is designed as such and even comes with an additional divider panel, so if you have two small dogs, you can even get more use out of it.

Foldable with an Easy-Carry Handle

What a lot of people don’t expect from this crate is that it is also very easy to knock down and transport. Like other metal crates, this one is foldable.

You just need to remove the top cover and corner posts first, though, so you can easily collapse the crate and fold it to itself. There’s even a handle that you can use to carry the crate with just one hand, making it simple to maneuver and lug around.

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Pros & Cons


  • Great design that will suit most homes’ interiors
  • The crate is covered so it can provide ample shade for pets who like to sleep in the dark
  • Made with high quality materials and construction
  • Can be folded for easy storage and transport
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • It can be used by two small or medium dogs at the same time


  • It’s a bit pricier than the other crates in the list

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the listing refer to the inside measurement or total measurement of the crate?

A: The listing refers to the total measurement of the crate only. It doesn’t include the cover.

Q: Can you remove the crate from the wooden parts?

A: Yes, it’s very easy to remove the wooden cover and separate the crate from it.

Q: Can the crate cover be purchased separately?

A: No, the unit comes as a package.

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Final Verdict

If you’re a pet owner who is also very particular about what goes into your home, a regular metal crate might not cut it.

This crate, however, is designed to easily blend into your home environment, making it an excellent option for pet parents who want their crate to be unique without sticking out like a sore thumb at home.

This Merry Products crate’s design is exquisite and can easily suit a contemporary home’s interiors, thanks to its gorgeous wooden cover.

Perfect for design-conscious pet lovers who won’t compromise, this product is definitely one of the finest crates that you can opt for.

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