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What Size Crate For Dog?

Finding the Right Crate for Your Dog Crates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The two most common ones are plastic, which are usually used for (air) travel, and metal wire crates, which you will often see in homes. These metal crates are usually collapsible. But what type of crate does your dog […]

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When To Use A Dog Crate

Crate training a dog is recommended for those who just acquired a puppy and would like to housetrain them and teach them some rules. As long as it is done sensibly, crate training can be quite effective when teaching dogs to control their potty time and not chew on furniture. As a matter of a […]

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How To Crate Train An Older Dog

Crates may seem to be a means to limit your pet’s freedom of movement, yet they are more designed for your pet’s safety rather than anything else. Your dog can stay in a crate when you are transporting them to the vet, or even when you can’t supervise them indoors. You may reject caging your […]

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How Long Can You Crate Your Dog?

When does crating your dog become pet abuse? If you have decided to crate train your dog, there are a few things you need to know about crate training, including how long you can keep your dog in his crate. Crate training can be very beneficial for dogs. It can help them regulate their stress […]

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How To Train A Dog [Infographic]

This infographic has shown you how to train a dog in details. We think it’s workable for your dog training. Share this Image On Your Site Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to with this graphic.

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Wire or Plastic Dog Crate?

If you have chosen to crate train your newly arrived puppy, you should make sure you are creating a space where they can feel comfortable and safe. Cozy bedding, blankets, and chew toys are good options to achieve this. But before all of this, you have to choose a crate to begin with, and it […]

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