Best Wire Dog Crates in 2019 – For your Dog

When it comes to crate training your pet, the wire variety is the best product to opt for. They’re sturdy, secure, and easy to clean, so you won’t have problems in their upkeep.

They also have well-ventilation and can be made comfortable with the right accessories.

The most important thing is to find the best wire dog crate to make sure that your pet will have a cozy retreat that they can run to, especially when they’re under duress.

While plastic crates can still make a good argument and are still worth getting, wire crates tend to be best options if you want to get just one product that you can use at home.

As this crate type is easily customizable, you can opt to get the biggest size and adjust the livable space for your puppy as they get older and bigger with the help of a divider panel.

It’s convenient and can even be space efficient, so why not get one?

5 Best Wire Dog Crates – Reviews

To find the best wire dog crate for your pets, here are some product recommendations with excellent user feedback that you can opt for.

1. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Pet owners who are looking for the best deals online can always opt for an AmazonBasics products.

With its vast product range, you can easily get your basics from this brand without a fuss and with great savings.

Now, even your dog can enjoy from what this store brand has to offer with their Folding Metal Dog Crate.

Made with high grade steel with safe and durable coating to keep it rust-free, this crate is guaranteed to keep your pooch cozy, safe, and secure.

It’s heavy duty construction will effectively contain your pet, even while you’re out of your house, and provide a cozy retreat for them as they get bigger.

With a double door design, you can easily use this product to contain two small dogs if you want as it also comes with a divider panel to help you effectively train two dogs at once.

You can also opt to get the biggest size for a large breed puppy and let them grow into the crate as they age.

Whatever the case is, this crate is a great solution for your pet’s house training and potty training. You can also use it as a carrier when transporting your pet.

You can also fold it into itself for quick and easy storage and portability if you’re going somewhere else with your pet. It definitely has a myriad of uses for such a low price.

2. Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

Designed for pet owners who like to move around with their pooch in tow, the MidWest iCrate is an excellent product that you shouldn’t miss if you plan on going on road trips with your pet.

The main selling point of this metal crate is its collapsible feature combined with a top handle, letting you carry the crate suit case style while folded into itself.

This makes the crate easy to transport, perfect if you like to visit relatives or go on staycations with your best friend.

Like other metal crates, this one comes with a divider panel so you can just buy a big one and let your puppy grow into it.

A lot of pet owners like to do this because of its cost efficiency and you won’t have to familiarize your pet with another crate as it grows older.

All you need to do to ensure proper crate training is to place the divider at the right spot to provide ample floor space for your puppy and you’re pretty much good to go.

With an affordable price, it definitely offers great value as it is made with high grade steel.

It will keep your pet safe even while you’re away, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about your pooch getting out and causing havoc at home.

3. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

Crate training isn’t always easy, especially if you have a pooch that tends to shy away from unfamiliar places.

This is why a lot of pet owners prefer to buy a big crate even if their pet is still a puppy.

With a massive crate that can accommodate the full adult size of their pup’s breed, they can easily let their pet grow into their crate, saving them from the hassle of buying a new one and introducing their pooch into a new crate every time they outgrow a small one.

This is exactly what the MidWest Life Stages crate is designed for. It is made to let pet owners buy a large crate to be their pet’s cozy retreat as they get older.

With a free divider panel and double door design, this crate will be the perfect home inside your home for your fur baby.

Of course, this crate can also be used for various other purposes as well. Aside from being the ideal crate for large breed dogs, it can also work as a space saving crate for two smaller dogs.

As it has two entrances (one on the side and the other at the front), you can just use the divider to create two spaces for two small dogs.

Made with high grade metal and a solid construction, this metal dog crate is among the best reviewed units in the market today.

You can definitely rely on this MidWest product if you’re looking for a quality metal crate for your growing puppy.

4. OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate

If you prefer a crate that’s heavy to ensure the quality of the metal and that it won’t easily bend from your large breed dog’s efforts to break out this OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate is something you need to consider.

At 34.2 lbs, it’s definitely a hefty product. It also guarantees that it’s made with high quality steel that won’t easily bend or break despite the large size of the dogs that can fit inside.

Of course, it’s best if your pet doesn’t have kennel anxiety, as large dogs can still severely damage most affordable crates in the market today.

For crate-trained dogs, this product is just perfect. It’s very spacious, especially if you get the largest variety. It can easily fit large sized dogs in one go.

You might even be able to fit two as this crate is designed with two doors and comes with a divider panel. That would not be recommended, though, especially if both dogs are huge.

Made with commercial grade materials, particularly some high tensile strength wire, this crate is guaranteed to be durable, secure, and a great steal for its reasonable price.

It’s perfect for large breed dogs, so if you’re having issues in finding one for your massive pooch, this might just be the perfect choice for you.

5. ProSelect Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets

Guardian Gear ProSelect Easy Dog Crates

A lot of pet owners struggle in finding a good crate that will securely lock their sneaky pets inside.

Some kennels are just too easy to open for smart dogs, making crate shopping a challenge for a few fur parents. If this is exactly what you’re going through, you should check out this ProSelect crate.

The strongest selling point of this item is its double latch design which will make it harder for your pet to escape. Even if they’re familiar with unhinging latches, they may not be used to having two locks to deal with.

It will definitely be a nice obstacle that can prove to be difficult for your pet, preventing them from getting out of their crate.

Combined with high quality materials and a sturdy construction, this ProSelect product is a runaway hit for many pet owners.

It combines durability with complete security, guaranteeing fur parents some peace of mind that their pooch won’t be running around the house and being naughty while they’re away.

Available in different sizes and reasonable prices, it’s certainly one of the best options you can go for. Easy to put away with its collapsible design and quick to set up, it’s also very portable.

You can take it on overnights away from home, staycations, or even on road trips so your fur baby will always be comfortable when they hit the sack.

Final Verdict

Wire or metal crates are definitely among the best options you have if you’re planning on providing an alternate den for your pooch.

The right one can last until your pet’s a full grown adult, letting you save money in the purchase and time in training and familiarizing them in the usage of their crate.

The best wire dog crate for you may easily be one of the five listed above. All of them are reasonably priced, made with quality materials, collapsible for easy transport, and well designed.

Any one of the five could make your pet cozy and secure, especially with the help of the right accessories like a dog bed and some toys.

Just make sure to do your own research so you can easily determine which one suits your requirements and your pet’s needs.

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