Best Soft Dog Crates in 2019 – With Buying Guides

Crates are essential furnishings for pet owners who want to have their dogs more manageable at home. These products help teach puppies that they’re not supposed to do their dirty business indoors.

However, it also functions as a safe space for dogs, as they are also den animals. Plastic and metal crates are the most popular and ideal options for home use, but you can also find the best soft dog crate easily.

While soft crates aren’t exactly designed to be your pet’s permanent cozy retreat at home due to its easily destructible material that can also put your pet’s life in danger, they’re still quite useful. For one, they can be used as pet carriers.

A lot of places don’t allow pets if they’re not on a carrier, so a soft-sided dog crate could be an easy solution to such restrictions. Being lightweight and stylish, they can also be comfortable way for your pooch to be toted around.

Top 5 Best Soft Dog Crates – Reviews

While there are so many options available nowadays, you should still keep in mind that not all soft crate are made with the same quality. So to help you find the best soft dog crate, here are a few product suggestions that you might find useful.

1. Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to metal or plastic crates, this Petnation product is a solid option.

Made with tightly woven mesh fabric, it keeps its shape with the help of a steel frame endoskeleton. It’s basically an actual crate, except it’s walls are made with fabric and not plastic or steel.

The great thing about this crate is that it definitely looks cozier. If you’re not too keen on what seems like caging your best friend, this is an excellent alternative.

Especially if your pooch is not the destructive kind and is already house trained to not do their dirty business inside their crate, this might just work for you.

Another popular use for this product is for traveling. Some pet owners use this as their travel crate to provide their pets a cozy and familiar spot to retreat to when they travel, camp, or go on extended vacations.

Thanks to this product’s light weight, it’s a lot easier to lug around, making it a more portable option for pet owners who like to go to places with their best friend.

Equipped with a skylight that you can choose to cover or open depending on your dog’s preferences, it also has two mesh windows so your pooch can easily watch what’s going on outside their den. It’s definitely cozy and sturdy, letting your pet relax easily.

2. NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

For a crate that will really let you treat your best friend like a human baby, the NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home is an excellent option.

This soft dog crate closely resembles actual cribs with its wide mesh side walls, making it a great cozy retreat for your beloved pet who likes to see everything that happens around them.

Made with heavy duty tight weave mesh fabric, this soft crate is a cozy choice for pet owners who aren’t fond of placing their pets in traditional crates. It is designed with a top and side opening, giving it versatility for various uses.

Being lightweight and easy to set up, you can also use it as an outdoor crate when you travel or camp with your fur baby.

However, like other soft crates, this is more ideal for calm dogs who don’t chew on their crates. As this is only made with fabric, it will most likely be destroyed by your pooch if they tried sinking their teeth on its material.

Collapsible and portable, you can easily take this crate wherever you want to go with your pup. It’s also available in different sizes, so you can easily find the right one for your pet.

3. ASPCA Indoor/Outdoor Portable Soft Pet Crate

Another great and affordable soft pet crate is this item from ASPCA. Designed to ensure proper ventilation for your pet with its mesh door and wide mesh windows, this will serve as an excellent cozy retreat for your best friend.

Made with heavy duty woven mesh fabric, this ASPCA Indoor product is designed to serve as an indoor and outdoor crate for your pet.

As it is lightweight, easily collapsible, and with rounded corners, there’s no more reason to struggle with a bulky plastic or metal crate when you’re going on a trip with your pet.

This will also ensure that your pet will always have a cozy and familiar spot to stay in while you’re away from home.

You can quickly set it up in your hotel room, rental house, or camp site and your pooch will instantly have their den to keep them calm and relaxed.

Designed with two openings (one on the side and another at the top of the crate), you can easily make it cozier for your pet with just a few zips and openings.

Some owners like to open the top door on warm nights to improve the crate’s ventilation, letting their pup sleep comfortably.

4. Go Pet Club Soft Pet Crate

Families who love to explore the great outdoors with their pets will love this soft crate from Go Pet Club.

Made with water resistant heavy duty polyester with PVC backing, this crate is designed to let you take your pooch with you wherever you want to go.

It’s floor pad is even lined with lambswool, so you’re guaranteed that your pet will be cozy no matter where you are.

While you can’t open the top part to improve the air ventilation of this crate, you can easily make use of its three mesh windows and its mesh front door/zip-around flap.

Roll the covers up of the three mesh windows and secure them with velcro and your pet will surely enjoy a cooler temperature while inside this soft crate.

A lot of people also like the fact that this pet crate has a carrying handle on top. This makes it easy for those with small dogs to carry their pets while inside.

This design lets the product double as a carrier, allowing you to get more use out of a single purchase.

Available in different sizes, you can easily get one of these Go Pet Club soft crates for your best friend whatever their breed, size, or age may be.

5. 2PET Folding Soft Dog Crate for indoor

Those who are looking for a dog crate that’s really designed for moving your pet around, this 2PET Folding Soft Dog Crate product is an excellent option.

Available in various sizes and designed with a top handle, you can easily carry a small dog inside or use the handle for further portability of the unit.

Instead of having to lug a bulky crate around, this one is easily collapsible, foldable, and takes up little space should you need to store it.

What makes this product great is that it resolved most pet owners’ problem with soft crates. Their zippers are specially designed with an extra material to line and protect the zipper from your pet’s chewing.

This way, the crate won’t easily be damaged even if your fur baby decided to sink their teeth into their cozy home inside your home.

Available in four different sizes, this soft crate is collapsible and lightweight, making it ideal for traveling. It has a waterproof mat to ensure that your pet will always be dry and cozy inside and a metal frame to keep the crate in perfect shape.

It’s also well ventilated with three mesh windows (with the two on the sides being bone shaped) and a mesh front door, so your pet won’t overheat while inside.

Each unit sold of this 2PET product will also let you support the company’s charitable efforts in supporting other pets in need.

So, by getting one of these soft crates, you’re not only keeping your pooch safe and cozy, but you’re also extending your care and love to other animals as well.

Final Verdict

With so many options available in the market, finding the right crate can be a challenge. Some pet owners may have even experienced having to return their purchases for being inadequate to their needs and requirements.

Skip all the hassle and stick with well reviewed products like the ones listed above. Best suited for dogs that don’t tend to chew at furniture, you can just choose any in this list and be sure that your pet will have a cozy retreat.

These five soft crates are certified to be the best in the market today, so you can be guaranteed that your pet will be safe, secure, and comfortable in their crate, whether you’re at home, at a doggy hotel, or outdoors.

The best soft dog crate for your pooch might just be one of the five listed above. As all of them are reasonably priced, durable, lightweight, portable, available in various sizes, and comfortable, you can just choose one that will suit your pet’s needs.

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