Best Plastic Dog Crates – Reviews for 2019

When it comes to dog crates, there are two most popular options: wired metal or plastic. While wire crates tend to have lots of benefits, it’s still not suitable for all kinds of dogs and pet owners.

This is why some people also look for the best plastic dog crate, so they can better cater to their pooches’ needs.

Sturdy, safe, versatile, and affordable, plastic dog crates are excellent options for dogs that don’t have problems not having a wide view of their surroundings or isolation issues.

It’s also a good option for short haired breeds, so they won’t get overheated during the warmer months. If your dog also love staying in a dark spot, a plastic dog crate may prove to be a cozy retreat for them as well.

5 Best Plastic Dog Crates – Reviews

As not all crates are made equal, you might want to find the best plastic dog crate for your fur baby. To help you do that, here are five of the most popular products in the market today.

1. Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door

If you don’t want to trust an inexperienced brand with your pet’s needs, then this Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel will be of interest to you. Petmate has been manufacturing kennels for more than fifty years already, so you’re guaranteed that they’re experts in the field.

It clearly shows with this product as it has great design and excellent quality. Design-wise, this plastic crate is definitely secure. It is the first in the industry to have a slide and snap assembly, ensuring proper alignment of parts and better attachment to each other.

No tools are required to assemble and disassemble this unit, which also makes it very handy and easy to use. You’re sure to get the most of its versatility with this feature alone.

A lot of users also love how the door is designed. It has two pet-proof rotary locks, letting you open the door in three ways.

The locks are also virtually impossible for your pet to open, so you can be sure that you can keep them inside without any worries. With more slats for better ventilation, it also ensures the comfort of your pet.

Quality-wise, this kennel is definitely a performer. Made with high quality plastic, it can definitely hold your pet’s weight without a fuss. Weight limits vary depending on the size, though, so make sure to choose the right one for your pet.

2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel

Pet parents who need a kennel that can also safely hold their pet during travels can opt for this Petmate Two Door Top product.

With a top handle allowing portability, even while your pet is inside the crate, this unit is definitely a good option for families who like to go to other places with their fur baby.

One of the most notable features of this plastic crate is its two door design. One door is found at the front of the crate.

It is made of steel, can be completely removed and can be opened on the right side. The other door is made of plastic and is found on top of the carrier.

This makes it more accessible for pet parents who always struggle with getting their pets inside their crates, making it less difficult to wrangle them inside for transport.

However, as the top door is made of plastic, some people might be worried about how securely it can be fastened.

You don’t have to fret, though, as you can close it firmly without worrying about your pet escaping. The construction is solid, so you don’t have to worry about the crate opening while you’re carrying it with the handle.

Sadly, the design is not approved by many airlines, so you it’s not exactly something you can use for air traveling with your pet.

Made with sturdy plastic, only the top part and the doors have perforations for ventilation. It’s lightweight and very easy to assemble, though.

3. Petmate Sky Kennel

Those who are looking for a plastic crate that they can put their pets in for air travel should definitely check out the Petmate Sky Kennel.

This plastic crate is specially designed to comply with different airlines’ standards in containing live animals with a few additional features that easily come in handy.

The first thing you need to know about a travel plastic crate is that different entities have their own standards. It can get confusing, but there are a few features that you can stick with, and most of it can be found in this kennel.

One of the top features that makes this product air travel worthy is its bolted design. The upper and lower parts of this crate is held together by heavy duty plastic bolts, which you might need to replace with metal ones, depending on the airline you’ll be riding with.

One piece metal doors are top requirements by airlines and this unit has a metal door.

The doors are also required to be zip tied for further security. Some pet parents drill holes on their plastic kennels for zip ties, but this one already have pre-drilled holes to thread a zip tie through.

This kennel also complies with the airline requirement that kennels need air holes on all four sides. It’s even better because two of its windows use metal grates instead of just openings.

It also comes with food containers and a live animal sticker, which are also essential requirements for flying.

All in all, this Petmate product is definitely the best choice for an air travel kennel. It’s not exactly the airline standard as there’s no one product that qualifies for that title, but it’s essentially the nearest thing to what airlines allow.

It’s still important to check with your airline what their policies are, though, just to be sure.

4. Ruff Maxx Portable Dog Kennel

An alternative to Petmate’s Sky Travel is this Portable Dog Kennel product from Ruff Maxx. It’s also designed for air travel and will match most airlines’ standards, making it a great option for those who wish to fly with their best friend. Unlike the Petmate crate, though, this one is already equipped with metal bolts and nuts to secure the whole crate together.

You won’t have to search for a set of compatible metal bolts and nuts and no more replacing necessary.

While it doesn’t come with a top handle, it does have side grips for carrying the crate with your pet inside.

It also has the required metal door in one piece and a squeeze latch to ensure that it locks properly in place and that it won’t be forced open by your pet in flight.

There are also pre-drilled zip tie holes by the door to make it easier for you to comply to airline requirements when flying with a pet.

Made with heavy duty molded ABS plastic with overlapping beltways for additional durability, this unit is also great for transporting big dog breeds easily.

The only things that you need to add are the food containers and the ‘live animal’ sticker which are also required by airlines.

5. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

Pet parents who just need a carrier for short land-based trips for their pets might also like this AmazonBasics kennel.

Known for its high quality products for the home, AmazonBasics’ selection of kennels are always included in the best-of lists for pet crates. This product is no different as it is friendly-priced, well-designed, and high quality.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about this product is that it is designed for your convenience. It has two doors to provide easy access.

One is the traditional front door made with heavy duty metal with a squeeze lock to ensure that your fur baby won’t get out.

The other is found at the top of the crate to make it easier for pet parents to place their pets inside the kennel. This unit is also equipped with a top handle for easier maneuverability and single handed carrying.

Construction-wise, this unit is very secure as well. The upper and lower parts can be snapped into place with the help of four latches.

However, screws are included in the package as well, so you can also use those to further secure the two parts together.

Final Verdict

Ideal for traveling, fuss-free carrying your pet from one point to another, and as a cozy retreat for pets who like to have some privacy, plastic crates are definitely among the best options you can go for.

They’re durable, secure, and available in so many designs, styles, and configurations that you’ll totally have an easy say on which one you think will suit your pooch the best.

Hopefully, this list of suggestions and reviews will help you find the best plastic dog crate. Each item on the list are some of the top-rated and best reviewed products in the market, so opting for one will definitely be a great choice.

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