Best Dog Crate Pad Review in 2019 – Comparative Guides

If you’re getting a dog crate for your pet, you also have to get the right accessories for it. This way, you can make the space more inviting for your pooch.

A wire crate only typically comes with a tray at the bottom to ensure that your pet’s paws won’t get trapped through the gaps.

Plastic crates, on the other hand, already comes with a solid, easy to clean bottom so your pet can easily feel comfortable in it.

While the flat bottom is great, you’ll still need to find the best dog crate pad to make it an attractive and cozy spot for your pooch.

A crate pad is basically an item that will line the flooring of your pet’s crate. It could be a simple cushioned pad or an actual bed designed for a crate.

It should be made of highly durable material so your pet will not chew on it and rip it to pieces. It should also be soft at the same time so it can provide some comfort to your pet.

If you’re just about to crate train your pup, you’ll also have to find a machine washable one, so you don’t have to break your back cleaning it in case your pup decides to use their crate as a toilet.

5 Best Dog Crate Pads – Reviews

With all of these things that you need to look for in the best dog crate pad, you might be worried about having a hard time finding one.

So, here are some product suggestions that you might find handy and even cut your search short.

1. AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

Pet beds are some of the most important things you need to get for your fur baby.

While it might seem excessive for some pet owners, those who truly care about their pooch will want their companions to be comfortable when they sleep or even when they just want to lie down.

This pet bed from AmazonBasics is particularly great as it is affordable, versatile, and made with great quality materials. Designed to fit crates, it can provide the comfort you want for your pooch.

If you haven’t found the right crate yet, you can also just use it as a bed and place it inside your bedroom or wherever your pet likes to hang out in your house.

Being from AmazonBasics, you can also be sure that it is quality made with a great price.

Made from soft fleece covering a soft polyester cushion, this pet bed is also machine washable.

So even if you’re still teaching your pup where to do his business or get used to his crate, you won’t have a hard time cleaning this crate accessory.

Make sure to remove pet waste and rinse first, though, before putting this item in the wash to ensure proper hygiene.

Lightweight and portable, you can use this pet ped almost everywhere. You can place it inside an appropriately sized crate, but you can also use it in kennels and carriers.

2. Comfort Pet Dog Crate Mat and Nap Pad

Some pet parent’s aren’t really too fond of pet beds as the raised sides can make it an easy target for chewing and can even create an obstacle around the house.

They’re also typically heavier than mats or pads, making them a chore to lug around especially inside carriers and soft sided crates.

So, if you need an alternative for keeping your pooch cozy, opting for mats and pads can also be a nice option for you.

This Comfort Pet Dog Crate product from Downtown Pet Supply is an excellent option for pet owners who want an alternative to pet beds.

These mats and pads are basically just flat cushions that are designed to soften surfaces and make them more ideal for lounging around and even sleep. Made with fleece, they can also help provide warmth to your pooch.

The best thing about these mats and pads is that they’re a lot more portable than pet beds. You can easily put one inside a crate and create a cozy retreat for your pet.

If you want, you can also have a few of these at hand and just move them around wherever you want your pet to relax and just chill with you.

Affordable, durable, and machine washable, pet owners will love how cozy your pets will be with these products.

It’s also available in different colors and sizes, so if you have multiple pets at home, you can get several and just pepper your house with cozy spots where your pets can lounge in.

3. Mud River Crate Cushion

If you love taking your pooch on excursions and outdoor trips, you should seriously consider finding a heavy duty crate pad that will be ideal for the outdoors.

Regular crate flooring made from soft material won’t do, especially if you let your dog run around on mud. The stain that they will make on their crate mat will be a nightmare to clean.

Luckily, the outdoor brand Mud River Crate Cushion also makes crate pads and mats for pets. Like all of their products, these crate cushions are made for the outdoors and are designed for easy cleaning.

Even if your pet brings in a good amount of soil and mud into his crate, you can easily clean the mat by hosing it down and air drying it.

No more scrubbing and multiple washes, as the mat is covered with nylon exterior which is definitely water resistant and quick drying.

This product is also guaranteed to be very durable. The nylon material will definitely withstand wear and tear.

However, like other things covered in fabric, it can still be chewed on, especially if your pet is a tough chewer, you might need to supervise and better train your pet to not chew on his crate pad.

Available in two sizes, this mat is one of the more affordable options for outdoor crate pads.

They can easily make your pet’s travel crate a lot cozier and easier to maintain, so make sure to get one if you’re planning on outdoor trips with your pooch.

4. AKC Deluxe Plush Quilted Crate Mat

If you’ve had a pet as a young child, you might know that pet beds look like this American Kennel Club product.

Rectangular, a few inches high, and tufted, traditional pet beds have always looked like this AKC Deluxe Plush Quilted Crate Mat.

While it does have the word “deluxe” in its name, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s expensive. It’s actually one of the most affordable in the list, but it doesn’t feel like it.

With its 3 inch height, it will provide ample cushioning for your pooch, allowing them to get comfortable every time they lie down.

With AKC being one of the oldest pet accessory manufacturers, you’re also guaranteed that your pet will enjoy their products for a long time.

They make high quality products that are definitely timeless. Their crate mats are even versatile and can be used inside crates, in a corner at home, or even at the back of your car.

Designed with a luxurious micro-tech sleep surface coupled with ultra-plush bolsters, your pet will surely get cozy and warm with the help of this product.

It also has a non-skid bottom, so even if you use it outside the crate, it won’t move around or put you at risk of getting in an accident.

Being machine washable, you can also rest assured that this pet bed won’t give you a headache when it comes to clean up.

5. FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Crate

Pet owners who are looking for a heavy duty cushioned mat for their pet’s wire crate, this can be a great option.

Considered as a cross between a mat and a bed, this FurHaven product is deemed as an outdoor mat.

It is made with medical-grade polyurethane foam core so it’s pretty soft and supportive.

It might not be soft enough to be directly used as beds by some pets, but since it has a water-resistant polycanvas exterior, it can be a great outdoor furnishing for your pooch.

As it is made with a water-resistant outer cover, it’s also easy to clean. This makes it okay to use for outdoor trips and excursions, so your pet will still be pretty comfortable even while you’re away from home.

Final Verdict

As a responsible pet parent, your pet’s comfort should also be one of your top priorities. Crates may be essential to provide cozy retreats for your pooch, but it’s not inviting and cozy in itself.

A good crate mat or bed is an important addition so your dog can get comfortable inside their new home inside your home.

The best dog crate pad may seem a bit tricky to find, but with the tips and recommendations provided above, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the right match for your pet.

All of the products that are listed here are top rated and well reviewed, making them some of the best options to get.

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