Best Dog Crate for Cocker Spaniel in 2019

Cocker spaniels are some of the most popular dog breeds nowadays as they’re cute, loving, and very intelligent. These pooches are very affectionate to their families and are known for their great temper with kids.

They love both adults and children, making them a popular choice for growing families. The search for the best dog crate for cocker spaniel pups are quite popular as well, as owners will definitely want to go all out in caring for their cockers.

The right crate is essential for cocker spaniels as this breed requires proper training of all sorts to be manageable. As they are very smart, they tend to also become stubborn and wily if left on their own.

They can handle crate training easily, though, as they are sensitive and sharp. You’ll need to do it properly, though, with the help of the right tools, so you can properly teach your pup to be a good companion.

5 Best Dog Crates For Cocker Spaniel

To help you find the best dog crate for cocker spaniel puppies, here are a few top rated products that you can check out.

1. Home On-The-Go Dog Crate in Black

As cocker spaniels range tend to have a nice coat of fur, wire crates are great options for them. This is why this Prevue Pet product is at the top of the list as it can help ensure that your pooch will always be in a well ventilated space.

The slightly limited view of wire crates are also excellent for cocker spaniels as they’re very likely to be curious with what’s going on around them. As they also love to roam around, limiting their view of the outside can stress them out.

A wire crate is also great if you have a larger breed, you’ll want them to get used to their crate and avoid having to retrain them if you’ve bought one that they will outgrow.

Purchasing a large metal crate with a divider panel is a great choice so you can just adjust the space your pooch will use and make it a cozy den that he can use until he grows to his full adult size.

Available in seven sizes, this wire crate can be ideal for any breed of cocker spaniel. As it is easy to assemble and clean, you won’t have a hard time using this for crate training. As it is also very durable with friendly price points, every family with a cocker spaniel will be able to easily afford this product.

2. Portable Pet Crate for Medium and Large Dogs

Those who own larger breeds of cocker spaniels might want a crate that are easy to transport. Wire crates can be a challenge to lug around, but soft-sided ones might be easily chewed on.

This Portable Pet for Medium and Large Dogs product from Suncast is a great cross between a plastic and wire crate. It’s sides, top, and bottom are made with heavy duty plastic, but its front and back doors are made with mesh wire.

Designed for medium to large dogs, this crate can be a good option if your pet likes some privacy or you need to limit what they see while in transit.

Aside from its unique design, this crate is also a great option if you’re leaving your pet with friends or family. It’s a secure crate so you can transport it safely to your destination. It can also contain your pet nicely until they’ve acclimatized to the new surrounding.

It even has its own feeding bowl so your pet can still feel safe while eating even if they’re in an unfamiliar place.

Unlike other dog crates, this one from Suncast is not foldable. However, you can completely disassemble the whole thing if you want to store it without taking too much space.

It’s very easy to set up, though, so you shouldn’t worry about taking too long to make your pup’s crate after a long drive.

3. Pet Dog Cat Crate Kennel Cage & Bed Pad

If you want a convenient option that will give you a complete set for crate training your cocker spaniel, this product from OxGord is the best option for you.

Ordering this will bring not only a wire crate set complete with a pull out tray and a divider panel, but also included is a bed pad to make your pet cozy in their den.

You won’t have to worry about measurements and take pains in searching for a suitable crate pad because everything already comes in a single box with this product.

The Pet Dog Cat crate is made with high grade steel. It has two doors: one at the front and the other on the side. As it also comes with a dividing panel, you can easily create two cozy retreats for your pets who don’t mind sharing a single crate.

Cocker spaniels are generally friendly and sociable with other dogs, so you won’t have a hard time letting two share an enclosed space.

However, you should make sure to get the right crate size if you’re going to do so as some cocker spaniel breeds can grow quite large.

The wire crate is also easy to assemble and collapse if you need to transport it or store it flat. It even comes with a detachable handle so you can lug the crate around easily in a suitcase style.

As for the bed pad, it’s made with soft thick fabric. It also has raised sides so your pup can have a pillow of sorts to rest their head in comfortably.

If your dog is a chewer, you might want to train them to stop before using this bed pad as it might get ripped to shreds by a persistent chewer.

4. ProSelect Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets

Touted as an excellent dog crate for cocker spaniels, this wire crate is especially great because it has two locks to keep your pet contained inside.

As mentioned earlier, this dog breed is very smart, so it’s highly likely that a cocker spaniel pup will always try to find ways to break out of the crate to explore around the house as they love doing just that.

While you can train them not to do their dirty business inside their crate, fiddling with the locks and trying to break-out isn’t really something you can teach them to do, so it’s best to get a crate with a quality lock for a cocker spaniel.

This way, you can rest assured that your pet isn’t wreaking havoc around the house while you’re asleep.

Another reason why this ProSelect Easy Dog crate is great for cocker spaniels is because it comes with a free divider panel that you can use to limit your pet’s space inside a big crate while they grow.

Like other dogs, providing extra space in a crate for cocker spaniels might prevent them from learning that they can’t do their dirty business inside their crates, so limiting their space is essential.

As long as they can get in, turn around, lie down, stand up, and stretch, they’ll be comfortable.

5. ProSelect Crate Appeal Fashion Color Dog Crates

Some folks are not too fond of black crates as they look dull and much like a cage. So if you’d rather get a cheery home for your pooch, this ProSelect product is something you should check out.

This metal crate comes in three different colors (blue, green, and pink) so you have a choice how you want your pet’s crate to look like.

Kids will surely love this crate as it comes in bright colors, making their pet’s home look more fun and exciting. Your pup will surely enjoy it, too, especially when you outfit it with a nice pet bed and a great chew toy.

Aside from the different color, this crate is also a great choice for your cocker spaniel because it is sturdy and durable. It also folds flatly and comes with a handle so you can easily carry it to and from the car without breaking a sweat.

This crate also comes with a free divide panels, so you can opt to buy the largest size and then let your pet grow into it. This makes it cost efficient and can save you from the hassle of introducing another crate to your pet in case they’ve outgrown the first one you got for them.

Final Verdict

Cocker spaniels are smart, affectionate, and just down right great dogs, so you will want to make sure that they are happy, comfortable, and safe. Ensuring that they have everything they need is essential to make them feel loved and well cared for.

While they never ask for anything in return, it’s your responsibility as a pet parent to get only the best products for their use. This way, you can ensure their safety and wellness no matter what.

Finding the best dog crate for cocker spaniel pups may seem like a huge task, but it’s something worth doing if you want to ensure that your fur baby has everything he needs.

Start with these product suggestions and, who knows, you might not even need to look for anything else as these recommendations are already some of the best.

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