MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate Review

Practical pet owners are more inclined to get a large metal crate even if their pets are just mere pups.

With the use of divider panels, you can easily adjust the living space inside a big crate, letting your pooch grow into their crate.

Not only will this allow you to need to buy just one crate during your pet’s entire lifetime, but you can also skip having to reintroduce your pet to another crate as they grow bigger.

This is exactly what the MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate is made for. It is designed for practical pet parents who want to be more efficient in caring for their pets.

Double-door Design

Offering easy access is this MidWest product’s double door design. There’s a front and side door that your pet can easily go in and out of.

Thanks to its evenly spaced design, this crate can also contain two dogs at the same time so you can easily get more use out of this pet crate.

Divider Panel Included

As the name suggests, this crate can be used at every life stage of your pet, thanks, mostly, to the divider panel that comes with each unit.

You can use the divider to limit the space inside the crate, so your pet doesn’t use the other areas as a toilet.

The divider makes the space cozier and also helps you train your puppy to use their crate properly.

Of course, the divider can also be used to create two separate spaces for two dogs. This makes the crate even more functional and practical as it has a lot of uses.

Pan Stop

Equipped with a plastic pan to provide a smooth flooring for your pet, some crates don’t secure their pans to not slide out or move around.

This can be a hassle for your pet and might even create a big mess.

To prevent accidents that will require major cleanups, this MidWest crate is designed with a pan stopper to safely secure the plastic pan to keep it in its proper place.


Metal crates are definitely bulky when in use. However, this MidWest crate can be easily folded flat so you can easily store and move it around.

It even comes with a handle so you can carry it suitcase-style, letting you move the crate with just one hand.

Double Latch Locks

To ensure the safety of your pet, finding a crate with a good lock is important. This MidWest crate has exactly that.

It is outfitted with two slide bolt latches on each door, so your pet will find it impossible to open.

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Pros & Cons


  • Easy to setup for use and fold for storage or transport
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to lug around with its top handle that you can use when the unit is folded
  • Divider panel makes it multifunctional
  • Sturdy and durable so your pet can use it as long as possible


  • The double latches can be a challenge to work with at first, but once you get the hang of it, it guarantees an excellent locking system

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this crate ideal for air travel?

A: No. Airlines only allow certain plastic crates for holding pets in the cargo area.

Q: Will this fit in a sedan car?

A: Yes, this crate can fit any vehicle compartment when folded flat.

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Final Verdict

If you want a crate that will not only keep your pet cozy and safe, but will also help you get the best value for your money, this MidWest Life Stages Crate is the best pick for you.

By getting the largest size that will easily fit the average full sized adult of your pet’s breed, you can easily just let your pooch grow into his crate, allowing you to save some money and effort in the process.

Sturdy, reliable, and durable, you can count on this product to be your fur baby’s cozy retreat inside your home.

OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate for Dogs Review

Because we all want only the best for our pets, you might be interested in a premium product without the hefty price tag.

For this, you can check out the OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate for Dogs as it is easily one of the best products of the sort in the market today.

Manufactured with commercial grade materials and top notch craftsmanship, this product promises great quality that will help keep your pet happy and cozy.

It is definitely designed to be a safe and secure environment for your pooch, giving them a spot to call their own inside your home.

Space-saving Design

A popular feature of metal crates is its special folding design that allows you to flatten it for easy transport and storage. After folding this crate, it will only take up a few inches of space, letting you store it virtually anywhere inside your house.

It can also easily fit any vehicle trunk, allowing you to take it anywhere you want to go with your pooch.

Heavy Duty Solid Metal Steel Material and Construction

One look at this crate and you’ll know that it is one great quality product. Made with heavy duty, electro coated steel wire, this crate is definitely sturdy.

The bars are spaced narrowly enough so your pet’s paws won’t get trapped in between, but enough to provide high visibility. It is rust-proof and durable, letting you rest assured that your pet is in a nice, cozy, and safe space.

100% Washable

As this crate is mostly made with plastic and electro coated metal, it won’t get damaged by water that easily. This makes it 100% washable, letting you give it a thorough clean every so often without any worries.

You can easily hose the crate down if necessary, but you might want to hand wash the plastic pan if your pet created a mess in it.

Divider Panel Included

Pet parents with multiple small fur babies can also let their pets share a space. This is a popular technique for many as it ensures that their pets are always together and can also help you save some space and money.

As this crate comes with a divider panel and is designed with two doors, it will be easy for your pooches to share a single crate.

Two Slide Bolt Latch Locks

As for pet security, this crate is also designed to do you favors. It has two slide bolt latch locks on each door, so your pet, no matter how smart they may be, will find it difficult to open the door on their own.

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Pros & Cons


  • Made of high quality materials
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Can be used by two small dogs with its double-door design
  • Secure latch locks for each door
  • Easy to clean, transport, and store
  • It has a modern look that will easily suit contemporary homes


  • This might not be ideal for high strung, large breed dogs with destructive tendencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this crate sturdy enough to carry with an animal inside?

A: Yes, it’s sturdy enough to be carried with an animal inside but larger units may be a bit unwieldy.

Q: How wide are the gaps between each wire?

A: The gaps are 1 inch apart.

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Final Verdict

Perfect for pet parents who want a fuss free yet multifunctional crate for their fur babies, this OxGord crate can be everything your pet needs. However, because of its large size, it’s best suited for medium to large breed dogs.

An excellent cozy retreat for your dog, this crate only needs a few more additions to make it the ideal alternative den for your pooch.

Midwest iCrate Pet Crates Review

MidWest is another popular brand for pet accessories and furnishing. They have consistently been well-reviewed, making this pet crate one of the best options in the market today.

This particular MidWest product is also known for its durability, so if you’re looking for a good crate that can be your pet’s permanent cozy spot at home, this can be a great option.

Great for medium to large breed dogs, this pet crate can easily be grown into by your pet. It’s actually a very practical choice as it is sturdy and designed to last for a long time.

Two Slide Bolt Latches

Some dogs can easily get out of locked crates, especially if the latches are flimsy and easy to unlock.

This MidWest crate has two slide bolt latches so it will definitely pose a challenge for your pet to open.

The placement of the locks are excellent as well as their far apart from each other, with one located near the bottom of the crate.

This makes it almost impossible for your pooch to open since they’ll have a hard time reaching into the lower lock.

Two-door Design

A crate with two doors offer more mobility for pets, giving them easier access to their cozy space.

This is exactly what this MidWest crate offers as it has two doors: one at front and the other at the side.

Having two doors can also ease pet parents from the guilt of what feels like caging their fur baby, which is definitely not the case for products like this.

With an additional door, you can easily create a more welcoming spot for your pet where they can stay safely and happily when you’re away.

Heavy Duty Metal Construction

Weighing 39 lbs, this crate is definitely a heavy one. It might scare off some people, but this hefty weight also means that this is a sturdy crate that is made with heavy duty metal.

It also guarantees durability as its wires aren’t about to easily bend, break, or succumb to rust.

This makes it a great option for those with strong, large breed dogs as it can certainly contain them without too much fuss.

Durable Plastic Pan

A sturdy and heavy duty plastic pan also comes with this dog crate to provide comfort to your pet’s paws and make it more comfortable for them to lounge in.

As pans are essential for crate training your pet, they’re also designed to be easy to clean, in case your pet messes in them.

This pan won’t crack and break even under your pooch’s heavy weight, so you’re sure that they’ll be safe and cozy all the time.

Divider Panel Included

Although this product has a two-door design, it’s not exactly for containing two dogs at once because of the positioning of the doors.

However, you can still get a lot of use from it with the divider panel that comes with the package.

This accessory will help you turn your puppy’s crate more ideal for their growing size by using it to limit their living space.

This will help you get more use out of your crate, as it can be the only metal crate you need from your pet’s infancy to its old age.

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Pros & Cons


  • Durable and sturdy, this crate will last for years
  • It’s two-door design provides easy access for your pet
  • The slide bolt latches are designed to be secure and safe from any breakout attempts
  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • Comes with a durable plastic pan and a dividing panel


  • The two doors are located too close together so it’s not ideal for a two-dog set up
  • It’s quite heavy so transporting this crate can be a bit of a challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the divider panel come with all sizes of this crate?

A: Yes, the divider panel comes even with the smallest variety of this crate.

Q: How thick is the crate when folded?

A: It’s 3.5 inches thick when folded.

Q: Does it come with a handle?

A: Yes, it has a handle that you can use to carry the crate while it’s folded.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a pet crate that will provide easy access for your fur baby to get in and out of their cozy retreat, this MidWest product may just be the right match for you.

It’s two door design will let your pooch move around without too much obstruction, providing them a certain freedom that they can easily enjoy.

While you can’t use it for two dogs, it’s still an excellent crate for a growing puppy of a large breed as they can easily grow into the crate with the help of the dividing panel that comes with each unit.

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate Review

A lot of us turn to Amazon if we need something. Some even buy the most basic things through this website that they’ve decided to create their own brand known as the AmazonBasics to better cater to their shoppers’ needs.

As a metal dog crate is what every pooch parent needs, you can also find one from this store brand’s selection.

What makes it great is that AmazonBasics makes sure to offer excellent products at a low price.

They offer pieces that you will absolutely need and enjoy, so getting a metal crate from their range pretty much guarantees that you’re getting a quality unit that will suit your requirements.

Two-door Design

A lot of pet parents prefer crates with multiple doors as it provides more freedom for their pets. Some like it because they want their pooches to share a space, letting them save some room at home and easily locate their fur babies.

Either way, this two-door design of this AmazonBasics product is always a strong suit for an extremely affordable product.

Two Slide Bolt Latches on Each Door

Those with pets who like to try their luck and get out of their crates on their own will have fruitless ventures with this dog crate as it comes with two slide bolt latches on each of the two doors.

This makes it harder for your pet to get out, so you don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves or messing up the whole house while you are away.

Tighter Gaps at the Bottom

As crates with two-door design are usually used for two small dogs, there have been instances when their paws get stuck at the gaps found near the bottom of the crate.

This can easily hurt and injure your pet, so to prevent such incidents from happening, this product is designed with smaller gaps so your pets’ paws won’t get caught and trapped in them.

High-grade Metal Construction

Whether your pet is a large breed pooch or one that will still fit in a tote bag in its adulthood, a sturdy crate is still important for them to have. This crate from AmazonBasics is made with high quality steel, electro-coated to deter rust.

It also has rounded corners so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt from pointed corners.

Free Divider Panel

With two doors, this crate is more versatile than others. This is why you can also use it to contain two small to medium dogs, depending on the size of the crate.

The free divider panel will help separate your pooches from each other, allowing them to have their own space despite being enclosed in the same crate.

Made with the same high quality electro-coated wire mesh, this can effectively create a non-obstructive wall between two dogs.

Make sure to only put good tempered dogs that get along well together, though, as they might hurt each other if left in such close spaces for a long time.

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Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a free divider panel so it can be used for one or two dogs
  • It’s very durable and sturdy
  • It’s equipped with a plastic pan at the bottom to ensure comfort and safety of your pooch
  • It has two doors letting you get more use out of it
  • Easy to assemble and fold for transport and storage
  • It’s secure locks guarantees your pet’s safety


  • The latches might need some getting used to as it is tightly fitted, making it hard to unlock
  • It’s also heavy, which is not necessarily a con, as it only goes to show that it is made with some sturdy metal

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come with a handle?

A: Yes, it has a handle that you can use to carry the crate suitcase-style when folded.

Q: How big are the gaps between the wires?

A: The gaps are nearly 1 inch apart.

Q: Are the edges sharp?

A: No. It has rounded corners to keep everyone safe from harm.

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Final Verdict

Ideal for pet parents who want a quality crate with the best prices, this AmazonBasics product will surely give you great value for your money.

Made with high quality materials but sold at affordable prices, this crate will surely be the perfect cozy retreat for your pooch.

As it is available in different sizes, you can also easily find the right match for your fur baby, whether they’re still a young pup or a full sized adult.

New World Dog Crate Review

Metal crates are some of the most popular options for pet owners with large breed dogs as they are sturdy, well ventilated, and doesn’t make dogs feel isolated while they’re kept inside.

These crates serve as the right alternative to dens for most dogs, providing them a cozy and secure space of their own.

The New World dog crate is an excellent option for those in search for the right metal crate for their pet. Being a major manufacturer and distributor of pet products around the globe, New World pet products are definitely reputable and reliable.

Electro-plated High Grade Metal Mesh Construction

Made with high quality metal mesh that’s finished with electro-plating, this metal crate is guaranteed to be structurally safe for your pet.

The wire mesh won’t easily buckle and crumple, letting you rest assured that your pet is secure even when you’re not home to provide any sort of supervision.

The electro coating is also an excellent additional feature as it will keep it resistant to rust. This will guarantee durability as rust can definitely degrade steel wires quickly.

Single-door Design

With a single-door design, this crate can also be perfect for housetraining dogs. Having just one entrance and exit to their crate will let them get accustomed to being crated.

Using a crate with just one door is also ideal for pet parents who tend to be forgetful. With just one door to fuss about, you don’t need to remember to lock the other door at the side or at the top.

Leak-proof Plastic Pan

For those who are still house and crate training their pets, a metal crate with a leak-proof plastic pan is ideal to prevent any mess that your fur baby can create. This leak-proof bottom will help you protect your flooring from their dirty business.

A plastic pan also guarantees comfort for your pet. Wire mesh is uneven and hard, which can cause discomfort and even pain for your pet’s paws.

This New World crate’s flooring is made from durable plastic and is flat so you can be sure that your pet can be comfortable on it.

Two Slide Bolt Latches

Some pets are great at fumbling with latches and locks, making them great escape artists that can create havoc around the house once they get out of their crates.

This is why this New World crate is equipped with two latches to ensure that your pet won’t get out.

The additional lock makes it nearly impossible for your pooch to open the door on their own, so you’re guaranteed that they will stay in place once you’ve latched the door shut.

Foldable Design

Since most metal crates are bulky and unwieldy, traveling with them can be a challenge.

This is why this New World crate easily folds into itself so you can easily move it around in case you need to transport it to another place like the car or a friend’s or relative’s house where your pet will be spending a few days.

It’s also perfect for storage as it won’t take too much space when it’s folded.

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Pros & Cons


  • It has two-latch lock design ensures that your pet will be secure inside
  • It’s easy to clean and leak-proof plastic pan as crate flooring
  • It has a heavy duty construction made with electro-plated high quality steel
  • It’s folding design allows the crate to be portable and easy to store
  • 1 year warranty
  • Designed with rounded corners to prevent creating dents on furniture or hurting anyone in the household
  • Easy to collapse and assemble
  • Can easily be a cozy space for your dog
  • Available in single and double-door design


  • It doesn’t come with a free divider panel, so you might need to get one if you want your pet to grow into this crate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this crate suit small breed dogs?

A: The smallest size available for this product is ideal for 11 lbs dogs, so it can be a tad too big for small breed dogs. As crates need to be just the right size for the best results, make sure to choose one that will perfectly match the needs of your pet.

Q: Can pets travel safely inside this crate?

A: Wire crates aren’t necessarily made to be used while in transit if you want your pet to be crated as you drive. There’s no way to secure it to the seats and your pet will be too exposed if you place it at the back of a pickup truck or trunk, so no, this isn’t ideal for containing your pet while traveling.

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Final Verdict

Great for medium to large breed dogs, the New World Dog Crate will guarantee your pet’s safety, comfort, and security. It can handle your large dog’s weight and strength and won’t crack and bend easily.

It can also be used for crate training, but you’ll need to purchase an additional divider panel for further efficiency.

In any case, this product is easily one of the sturdiest and most reliable options that will help you provide your pet a comfortable space that they can call their own.

Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate Review

It’s no secret that a lot of pet products can be costly. However, it shouldn’t deter you from trying your best to take care of your pooch. There are always more affordable alternatives that are made with quality that won’t break the bank.

A quick check at several best dog crate reviews and you’ll know that there are lots of budget-friendly options for you.

Take this Carlson metal dog crate for example. With a very affordable price, it is one of the bestsellers for pet crates in the market today. Combine this with excellent features and every practical pet parent already has an answer to their crating requirements.

Fold and Go System

One of the strongest suits of metal crates is the fact that most of them can be collapsed and folded flat into itself. This makes it a lot easier to move around, especially if you need to have your pet watched by a friend or relative.

The crate easily folds flat and even locks into place, letting you carry it to and from your home or car fuss-free.

Single Door Design

This crate is also ideal for training your pet to get used to being crated as it only has a single door design. Having just one door will let them be used to staying put in one place, letting them know that they should stay inside under specific circumstances.

This is also a great plus for pet parents who tend to forget locking up the crate before they leave the house. Multiple doors means having more things to lock up, which can be a challenge if you’re quite forgetful.

Sturdy All-steel Construction

Metal crates are supposed to be tough and sturdy so they can effectively contain your pet inside. This Carlson product is definitely a solid crate, thanks to its sturdy, all-steel construction.

The wire mesh are all made from steel wire, finished with electro-coating, ensuring its durability.

Durable Plastic Pan

A smooth and creaseless flooring is also important for your pet’s crate, which is why this Carlson product comes with a durable plastic pan that serves as an easy to clean flooring inside their cozy retreat.

It slides out for easy removal, but will also stay in place with this crate’s pan stopping feature.

Single Slide Latch Locking System

The Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate is also equipped with a single slide latch to help you contain your pet inside the crate. It’s very simple to operate and can be a tough challenge for your pooch to open.

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Pros & Cons


  • This product is very affordable
  • It’s easy to fold, set up, transport, and move around
  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • It has a single-door design that makes it useful for crate training


  • Some owners have had issues with the lock, so you might want to reinforce it for a much better hold
  • The gaps are quite far apart so it might not be best suited for small breed dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this unit come with a divider?

A: No, it doesn’t come with a divider.

Q: Will it be possible to remove one of the sides?

A: With the right tools you may be able to take out one of the sides of this crate but it will lose its capability to stand on its own and will completely damage the product.

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Final Verdict

If you want a budget-friendly option in providing a cozy retreat for your pup, this Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate is a nice option you have.

It can be the perfect crate for a medium sized pet with its durability and great design, so make sure to check it out.

Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crates Review

Some pet owners want the most straightforward products for their pets as they are a lot easier to maintain. They’re also often the best priced in the bunch as there are no other bells and whistles included in the package.

If this describes your preferences, then you might want to check out this Petco Classic dog crate.

While it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, you’re guaranteed that this fuss-free pet crate is one of the best in the market today.

Single-door Design

What can be more straightforward than a wire crate with a single door?

This Petco Classic is designed with just one door to make it easier for your pet to learn how to get used to their new home within your home and so you won’t have to worry about locking multiple doors every time you need your pooch to stay in their crate.

It also comes with a single slide bolt latch, making it a secure space for your pooch.

Durable Metal Wire Construction

A quality crate is always made with high grade metal wires. The Petco Classic crate is definitely made with such durable materials that are designed to carry the weight of your pet and withstand daily use.

It was made with your pet’s safety and security in mind, so you can be sure that your pet will be in good hands if you opt for this product.

Slide Out Plastic Tray Bottom

Ensuring your pooch’s comfort is the plastic tray that serves as a flooring material for metal crates. Every Petco Classic crate is equipped with a highly durable one that is hard to crack and destroy. It is, however, very easy to clean.

All you need to do is to release the pan stopper at the bottom, slide the tray out, and you’re all set to clean it up.

Divider Panel Included Except for the XS Size

A practical pet parent will opt to get a huge crate that will fit the adult size of their puppy’s breed to save some cash and effort in reintroducing the dog to a new crate when they’re older.

This is why the Petco Classic comes with a divider panel, so you can easily crate train your pooch with a large kennel without any worries that they’ll use some parts of their crate for their dirty business.

The divider comes for every Petco Classic unit, except for the smallest variety.

Two Top Handles

Wire crates are notoriously difficult to move around while in use, so the two top handles on this unit is definitely a great addition.

If you like to move your pet’s crate around the house, even while they’re still inside, it can be easily done with these useful features.

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Title goes here


  • Straightforward, fuss-free design
  • Made with heavy duty materials and construction
  • Easy to clean, fold, and move around
  • Can be used from your pet’s infancy to their full adulthood
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Excellent price


  • Some people complain about their pet’s ability to break out because of the lock

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come with a dog bed?

A: No, dog beds are sold separately from this product.

Q: Can you fold this crate for easy transport?

A: Yes, this crate folds and sets up in seconds.

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Final Verdict

Pet owners who are looking for a no-frills crate that is definitely of great quality should check out the Petco Classic 1-Door crate. This product is the very definition of what you’re looking for with its simple design and excellent quality.

Just read up on the many best dog crate reviews online and you’ll easily realize that this product is definitely one of the finest there is.

Merry Products Cage Review

Living in a small apartment may prevent some folks from getting a metal crate for their dog as it can easily take up some much needed space. But what if I tell you that there are options that can double-duty as table surfaces as well?

This Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set is an interesting metal crate option as it is made to look like a regular side table with a metal crate inside. It’s definitely multifunctional, letting tiny house dwellers get the most out of their space.

Unique Design

Let’s admit it, metal crates don’t really go well with a lot of homes’ interior design. This Merry Products crate definitely addresses this issue by adding a few things to the crate to make it more cohesive to your interior design.

With its wood cover, it can be disguised as your run-of-the-mill side table, except it also doubles as a cozy retreat for your pet.

Durable Metal and Wood Construction

Because this product is a crate and a side table in one, it also uses some heavy duty wires and solid wood veneer making it a tough product that is built to last.

The wooden cover not only makes the crate look more interior-appropriate, but it also adds protection to your pet. Also, it saves you from the trouble of having to cover their metal crate if your pets like sleeping in a darkened space.

Removable Plastic Tray

With the comfort of your pet in mind, this product also comes with a solid plastic tray to serve as a flat flooring layer for your pet crate. It’s very easy to clean and won’t crack under the weight of your fur baby.

You will want to add some cushioning, like a pet bed or a mat on top of it, though, to make the space cozier and more inviting for your pooch.

Two-door Design

If you’re the type who likes to provide the easiest access to your pet, a two-door crate will suit your home best.

This crate is designed as such and even comes with an additional divider panel, so if you have two small dogs, you can even get more use out of it.

Foldable with an Easy-Carry Handle

What a lot of people don’t expect from this crate is that it is also very easy to knock down and transport. Like other metal crates, this one is foldable.

You just need to remove the top cover and corner posts first, though, so you can easily collapse the crate and fold it to itself. There’s even a handle that you can use to carry the crate with just one hand, making it simple to maneuver and lug around.

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Pros & Cons


  • Great design that will suit most homes’ interiors
  • The crate is covered so it can provide ample shade for pets who like to sleep in the dark
  • Made with high quality materials and construction
  • Can be folded for easy storage and transport
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • It can be used by two small or medium dogs at the same time


  • It’s a bit pricier than the other crates in the list

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the listing refer to the inside measurement or total measurement of the crate?

A: The listing refers to the total measurement of the crate only. It doesn’t include the cover.

Q: Can you remove the crate from the wooden parts?

A: Yes, it’s very easy to remove the wooden cover and separate the crate from it.

Q: Can the crate cover be purchased separately?

A: No, the unit comes as a package.

>>> See More Questions and Answers <<<

Final Verdict

If you’re a pet owner who is also very particular about what goes into your home, a regular metal crate might not cut it.

This crate, however, is designed to easily blend into your home environment, making it an excellent option for pet parents who want their crate to be unique without sticking out like a sore thumb at home.

This Merry Products crate’s design is exquisite and can easily suit a contemporary home’s interiors, thanks to its gorgeous wooden cover.

Perfect for design-conscious pet lovers who won’t compromise, this product is definitely one of the finest crates that you can opt for.

ProSelect Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets Review

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so if you’re weary about crates that are too affordably priced, going mid-range is another option. For this, you can consider the ProSelect Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets.

Reasonably priced, you can easily expect the use of quality materials and craftsmanship for this product. You don’t have to worry, though, as this crate delivers its promise of keeping your pet safe, cozy, and secure.

While it is a bit pricier than the other ones in this list, it’s certainly worth it because of what this crate has to offer.

Sturdy Metal Construction

When it comes to metal crates, you’re mostly paying for the steel wire and its sturdy construction. This product uses high grade materials that guarantee durability and longevity, so you don’t have to worry about your pet destroying the crate or escaping it easily.

Removable Plastic Pan

To ensure the comfort of your pet, wire crates are equipped with a plastic pan to provide a flat flooring for the unit. This product comes with a very durable one, guaranteeing you that it won’t be easy to break and crack under your pet’s weight.

It’s also easy to clean as it can be removed from the pan by simply sliding it out of the crate.

Single-door with Two Latch Lock Design

Great for pet parents who don’t want to bother with having to lock and secure multiple doors, this product has a single-door design with two slide bolt latch locks.

It ensures that your pet is not going anywhere once the locks are secured, no matter how smart or persistent they may be.

Foldable Design with a Carrying Handle

While metal crates are not exactly great for containing your pets while in transit, it is still an excellent crate for your travels.

If you’re staying overnight away from home, you can still bring your pooch’s crate along with you as this ProSelect product is easy to fold down and lock into place.

It even has a carrying handle that will let you easily lug it around while it’s flat.

Removable Divider Included

Dividers are also essential inclusions for metal crates since they can help limit the living space of your puppy to prevent them from using the other areas of their crate as toilet.

This ProSelect product comes with a metal divider panel so you can properly train your pet as they grow into their cozy retreat.

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Pros & Cons


  • This product offers great value for your money
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Creates a comfortable and safe space for your pet
  • It has secure locks so your pet won’t be able to break out


  • The plastic pan is slightly smaller than the crate’s floor area so there may be a bit of gap around the pan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are these crates made?

A: Made in the USA.

Q: How wide are the gaps between each wire?

A: They’re 1-1 .5 inch wide.

Q: How do you attach the metal divider?

A: The metal divider is inserted through the door and then hooked on the sides of the crate.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a reliable metal crate that your puppy can use until they grow into their full size, this ProSelect product is one of the best options you have. It is sturdy and durable, guaranteeing that you can use it for a long while.

Coupled with a reasonable price tag, it is definitely one of the top picks you can get online.

Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel Review

Some pet parents favor plastic crates more as they can easily double as travel kennels. You can definitely use them at home as your pet’s cozy retreat by adding some pads and cushioning and can easily serve as a dog bed if you remove the top half.

The Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel can definitely do all of these and more, making it one of the best dog crates in the market today.

With fifty years of experience in manufacturing pet products, Petmate is definitely one of the best brands to turn to if you only want the best for your pet.

Slide and Go Assembly

As plastic crates are typically designed to come apart in three parts, putting the upper and lower parts require some serious assembly technique to keep the crate intact.

Unlike other products that simply places upper and lower parts on top of one another and locked into place by a snap or bolt, this crate requires you to slide the upper part into place, helping you properly secure the parts together.

You can also use metal screws to ensure that the crate won’t come apart.

Sizeable Holes for Ventilation and Visibility

A lot of plastic crates tend to have issues with ventilation, so to solve that, Petmate added bigger and more holes to improve the ventilation inside the crate.

If you’re worried about your pet overheating, especially during the warmer months, you don’t necessarily have to switch to a metal crate as this product will already be a great option for you.

Of course, you can also easily opt to remove the top half of the crate if you want to make sure that your pet doesn’t get too heated while they’re inside their cozy space.

Durable and Heavy Duty Plastic Material

This Petmate crate is also made with heavy duty plastic that is guaranteed to carry the weight of your pet without a hitch. You don’t need to worry about the crate breaking, cracking, or warping no matter how active your pet may be.

Just make sure to get the right variety for their weight, so you can get the best results from this product.

Secure Turn-dial Quick Latch 2-Way Door

If your pet is an excellent escape artist, this product is also perfect for you. It’s mesh wire door is easily secured and locked into place with the help of two turn-dial latches.

This allows you to open it either way, making it easy for you to let your pet in and out of their cozy retreat but impossible for your pet to break out.

Complies with IATA Standards

Those who are looking for a great travel crate for their pet also need not look further as this pet crate meets IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards.

You might need to get a food and water bowl that can be attached to the crate and a “Live Animal” sticker to be allowed to fly with your pet.

However, you might still need to check with your airline as a lot of these companies have different regulations when it comes to flying with animals.

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Title goes here


  • Affordably priced
  • Great design
  • Sturdy, safe, and secure
  • It’s well ventilated, keeping your pet comfortable
  • The smaller sizes of this product comes with a handle for easier handling


  • It runs quite small, so make sure to ask for measurements first before purchasing a unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this crate be used for traveling?

A: Yes, this pet crate can be easily used for road trips with your pet. As for air travel, it’s best to check with your airline first to see if they allow this Petmate crate for animal shipping.

Q: Where is the crate made?

A: Made in the USA.

Q: Does it come with a divider panel?

A: No, it doesn’t.

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Final Verdict

For pet parents who are always on the move, finding a crate that can help them keep their pooch comfortable and safe is essential. The Petmate Compass can definitely offer all of these to you, making it one of the top picks for dog crates.

It’s easily durable, sturdy, affordable, and designed to ensure your pet’s well being, making it the perfect pet essential. A lot of pet owners love this crate, so give it a try and you might just find the right crate for your fur baby.